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Black Deaf


Deaf People of Color

The resources below are a collection of websites, videos, books, readings, and other learning materials we found helpful over time. This list is constantly growing and is a compilation of resources shared with us over social media, found on YouTube, created by the Black Deaf community or disability support organizations. If you use these resources, please credit the individual(s) or organization that labored to put the material together. This information can be found within each link. Please use these resources as a starting point to incorporate Black Deaf life, experiences, and history into your courses and/or to expand your understanding and knowledge about the diversity, needs, history, and complexities of Black community life. 

Class of '52
(Black Deaf Segregated Schools film)

International Black Deaf Perspectives & Resources

Deaf and Destined to Bridge the World | Isidore Niyongabo | TEDxSDSU


Dr. Andrew Foster, Ghana and the Roots of Deaf Education in Africa 

Documentary Deaf Rolemodels in Kenya, Africa

Black Deaf History – Joseph Sarpy (Actor)


National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA)

Born Too Soon? Willard Shorter (Founder of NBDA)

Helping to Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities

International Deaf Education and Leadership (IDEAL)

Give Back To Community- Zambia (GBCZ)


Sports Silent Dreams

Since childhood it was this Deaf basketball player's "Silent Dream" to play with hearing players on a professional basketball team. In 2004 Osei Morris was the first Deaf African American to play in the American Basketball Association (ABA) with the "LA-Stars." Osei narrates his once in a lifetime experience. This mini-doc was shot by a deaf female filmmaker and edited by a student editor; it is voiced and captioned.

Black Deaf Collective Information

Black Deaf Culture Through the Lens of Black Deaf History

By Benro Ogunyipe, Former NBDA President 2011-2013

ASUW Student Disability Commission

Black Deaf Center

Center for Black Deaf Studies- Gallaudet University

Hands Holding Hands

Publications/Media By & About Black Deaf Communities

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